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Olive the Domestic Shorthair
Name: Olive
Age: Ten years oldd
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Olive came to me as a five-month-old kitten. Somebody dropped her off at my vet's office. Even then, she was very determined, and screamed for somebody to take her home, so she wouldn't have to go to the shelter. That someone, of course, was me.

     Six years ago, Olive was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Ever since, she’s been on medication, and nobody could ever guess that she has a heart condition. Her favorite pastime is eating, eating and then eat some more. If you are having anything bread or pizza related, watch out. She'll get a running start and snag your meal of the plate. She will open cabinet doors or get into grocery bags to get to a loaf of bread. Olive is also a nuisance to her housemates as she loves to ambush them, waiting around the corner ready to pounce. This is particularly aggravating to her 20-year-old sister Willa.

     Nonetheless, even though Olive is wild, she's very lovable, with fur as soft as a bunny, and she loves to sit in mom's lap, purring her head off. She also has always been a great step-mommie to any kitten that joined the family.

     Olive, you are the best, don't ever change!

Olive the Domestic Shorthair Olive the Domestic Shorthair Olive the Domestic Shorthair Olive the Domestic Shorthair

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