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Ms Jiminy Cricket the Cat
Name: Ms Jiminy Cricket
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: St Louis, Missouri, USA
   This is Ms Jiminy Cricket, also known as Jims, or Ms Jim. She is a lovely rescue cat from a local organization. She is quite full of herself! She loves the front porch, and hanging out with us.

     Ms. Jim is the sixth cat that I have owned in my lifetime. She is the very independent type. We met a different level of bonding last year when I divorced. She is a fierce hunter, and knows everyone in our neighborhood. She does love her toys and the laser light. When it comes to food, she is all about the canned food, which is a treat at our house, not an everyday occurance.

     She is pretty awesome and has all of us wrapped around her paw ;) She is clearly Cat of the Day at our house!

Ms Jiminy Cricket the Cat Ms Jiminy Cricket the Cat

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