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Hummer the Bengal the Cat
Name: Hummer
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal Cat
Home: Moscow, Russia
   Hummer is my brown cat, his full name is Banga Star Hummer. I bought him in a cattery here in Moscow. For many years I dreamed of having one of these cats, you know, they are very expensive, but I am so glad to have him now. I also have a white Bengal I got at the same times, so they could keep each other busy! I love to take a photo of my cats. I think they like to be photographed, they're like models, don't you think?

     Hummer is a very sociable cat. He loves to walking in fronts of our guests - he is not afraid to approach them. He begs to be stroked, smelling hands and sometimes licks them. Hummer loves to run - he is almost always wearing tracks in the apartment, and sometimes runs on the walls! We have a long wall in the corridor on which he is runs, as in "The Matrix." He is also constantly eating my flowers: (But he is my favorite, so I've always forgiving him. And I make sure never to bring home lilies, as they are toxic to cats, and I could not bear to lose him. )

     I love him and his "brother" very much.

Hummer the Bengal Cat

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