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Isil the Maine Coon mix
Name: Isil
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Austria
   This is Isil, named after Tolkien's Maia of the moon - though I confused Tilion (the person steering the moon and Arien's counterpart) and Isil (the moon). I adopted Isil along with one of his sisters (they were a litter of two boys and two girls) from our local shelter almost two years ago. They are my first cats, and, since I've heard that there is a notable difference in behaviour between male and female cats, I decided I wanted both. I believe I took them in the same day they were separated from their mother, as they hadn't been put up for adoption on the homepage yet, despite being available already. As soon as we got home, Isil started exploring my flat and had seen everything before his sister even left the basket.

     I decided to leave the kittens to themselves and went about my usual routine. Soon, I noticed that Isil would always start purring loudly whenever I came near him. He became a real glutton for attention, too - whenever I pet his sister, he somehow notices, and comes running to demand attention. He is very vocal and produces a variety of different sounds, and he particularly hates it when I'm talking on the phone. He'll usually reply if I talk to him, and I am certain he imitates the way I chuckle.

     Unlike his sister, Isil doesn't like giving kisses, and looks very affronted every time I approach his nose with mine. However, I've gotten him so far that he will touch his forehead to mine. He likes being held, but, since he weighs more than 5 kg (roughly one tenth of what I weigh), that isn't something I can do for long.

     We do get into arguments occasionally, but I've won every fight so far. Isil also follows commands such as "no," "stop," "down," "out" and "ow." He is always very submissive when I get truly angry, often throwing himself flat on his stomach facing away from me. He'll occasionally turn his head to see if I'm still angry before going back to lying prone.

     The kittens were introduced to me as European Long Hair (ELH), but turned out to be part Maine Coon. Like most Maine Coon, they don't meow, Isil cries and even screams sometimes. Maine Coon are also known to like water, and Isil is no exception - he'll empty the water bowl occasionally, chase droplets and watch the bathtub drain. He'll fall in sometimes, too, and ever since he managed to fall on top of me (claws and all) I've forbidden him from jumping onto the bathtub when I'm inside. He didn't understand why, but he adheres to the new rule. Sometimes, I fill the bathtub a little and let him splash around.

     He is also very good at looking absolutely bewildered, I think he practises that in secret. Isil is a black and white cat with a "collar" and white stripes on his ears, his right ear lacks pigmentation in the outer part. He has a black spot on his left front shoulder and another on his right hind leg - though it doesn't go all the way round. He is extremely fluffy, in particular his tail.

Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix Isil the Maine Coon mix

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