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Willow the Shorthair Tortoiseshell
Name: Willow
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Tortoiseshell
Home: Australia
   Willow is a sweet little kitty with a little 'W' on her forehead noting her name. In the house she likes being stroked only in two places: the desk in the lounge or the bookcase in the bedroom. Both of these places are by windows, and whenever she gets stroked there she goes all smoochy and headbutts anything and everything around her, knocking into blinds, pushing over lamps or pencil holders. She also likes to walk under our legs when we're sitting in the lounge, wrapping her tail around our knees when she goes by.

     When she was a kitten she used to sit on our shoulders like a little purring parrot, and now, though she's too big to perch on our shoulders, she still likes to cling to them when she's picked up. She loves going outside and eating potato chips. She's a funny little kitty. <3

Willow the Shorthair Tortoiseshell Willow the Shorthair Tortoiseshell

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