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Maggee Moo the Tuxedo Shorthair
Name: Maggee Moo
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Shorthair
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   Maggee accepted me as her "purrent" when she was a "clinic cat" at the veterinary clinic I worked for. I fell in love with her very quickly and soon realized I was her human. Now to introduce her to my Jack Russell ... Needless to say Maggee let him know that she is the Queen and he is her Jester!

     We call her Ms. Purrsonality because she has so much of it! She even has her own Facebook. :) Maggee sits up when asked, she comes when called, she is very vocal and Loud when trying to get her point across or when she is telling me about her day. Her favorite toy is a cardboard mouse. She likes going for walks, but her favorite is to go riding in her stroller!

     Her fur is very soft especially the white part. she loves to be brushed. Her green eyes and "Marilyn Monroe" beauty mark are enough to make any runway model jealous! I absolutely adore everything about her!!

Maggee Moo the Tuxedo Shorthair Maggee Moo the Tuxedo Shorthair Maggee Moo the Tuxedo Shorthair Maggee Moo the Tuxedo Shorthair

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