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Eli the Bombay
Name: Eli
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bombay
Home: Indiana, USA
   Eli is one chatty cat. He is always in the mood to socialize, and will meet you at the door each day, or let you know if he has something to say. He really loves to have conversations with us, but of course, there is a bit of a language barrier. Each day he gets a special serving of tuna (or two), and he always reminds us if we forget. One of his favorite things is to get a drink from the bathroom sink. He is constantly asking for one, but we have to help him up because it is a big jump.

     Eli is a very loving cat. When he is in the mood, he loves to jump onto our laps and cozy up with us and watch TV. If you are eating something, he will stick his face into whatever it is and patiently wait for his share. He is also a huge fan of yogurt. He goes absolutely crazy and won't leave you alone until you let him lick the container when you are done.

     Although he is a bit elderly, he does not let that slow him down. He enjoys getting to go outside and patrol the yard (he does his business outside, too). He also likes to play with string or pipe cleaners. After a long day, he loves to be brushed, especially under the chin. Eli is such a great cat and we love him very much!!

Eli the Bombay Eli the Bombay Eli the Bombay Eli the Bombay

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