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Menum the Calico Cat
Name: Menum
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico Cat
Home: Oregon, USA
   Her name's Menum, but her nickname is Num Num. Nums is my first cat, I got her for my tenth birthday. Her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. She's not a big fan other animals or people, but if there's one-three people she knows around her, she'll meow and meow for attention.

     She loves to hunt, and as a kitten used to bring in all sorts of bugs. Especially worms. She's not a cat who knows tricks, but every now and then her meow will sound like she's saying "mama." I'm going to assume her favorite game is "bite the human hand while they're petting you."

     She acts like a retired cat in some ways, always just sleeping and eating, but she's still got her kitten side ... killing things so the kitten we have now will drag them into my room. She also loves boxes, as you can tell. We love her!

Menum the Calico Cat Menum the Calico Cat Menum the Calico Cat

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