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Sushi the Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sushi
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese
Home: Quebec, Canada
   As long as I can remember I always wanted a cat and I waited for so long. So when I finally could, I didn't take time to choose a breed or whatever, I just went with my feelings. Everyone I know - and everywhere on the Internet - told me not to choose a Siamese for a first cat because they have a bad reputation. Everyone told me Siamese are stubborn and bad, they have a bad temper and they can be such a pain to keep. Everyone said it is not a good choice for a first cat. But I wanted a cat so badly!

     Then one day, I saw her cute little face and I totally felt in love with her. It was just a picture with mention "for sale," but I knew it was my baby who was there waiting for me. She was far away and I had to drive four hours or so just to meet her, but the moment I finally held her, she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes, licked my face and felt asleep in my arms. Then I knew for sure she was for me.

     She was a sweet baby, and learned to live with so many people and a very energetic doggy (we have a schnauzer and she's like an explosion of pure energy every day). Sushi managed to make her mark and build an individual relationship with everyone - included that doggy.

     And yes she's stubborn sometimes, and some days she has a bad temper for a minute or so, but then after she's sweet and lovely like she is most of the time. Sushi talks a lot! She has a cat's opinion on all and everything! This includes opening curtains in the morning to close aquarium's lights in the evening, including washing dishes - she must check everything and she has always something to say. She can make you understand exactly what she wants, but also understands your feelings exactly and reacts if you feels happy, or comforts you if you're sad. She's a princess and she's our Sunshine and the youngest great member of our family.

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