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Chippy the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Chippy
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
   Introducing Chippy, the Cat That Changed My Life.

     After losing our beloved cat Lucky years ago, my family and I decided it was time to hear the sound of pawprints running across the floor again. Sitting in a small compartment with a viewing window was this beautiful domestic shorthair, with obsidian and eggshell-white fur, who seemed to have a look of lost hope. He didn't seem interested in any of the humans that surveyed him as the next choice, and he even gave our family a look that dared us to pick him. At the time, Chippy was named Little One because he was the runt of his litter, but by the time he was in a shelter, he was a big cat.

     "Look at the way he just stares," my father commented. It was true. Chippy had this unnerving stare that seemed to look right into your soul, but there was a reason for this bitter appearance. According to Chippy's paperwork and adoption sign, he was shot in the leg with a pellet gun, and had burns to his tongue, either electrical or chemical. Can you imagine doing that to a kitten?

     Considering the other cats, who frolicked and purred like the world was made of rainbows, I realized that Chippy needed to understand that not all humans were out to torture him. I decided to name him Chippy because he was a TNR cat and had his ear clipped. For those of you who aren't familiar with this program, TNR stands for: Trap, Neuter, Release. The program is dedicated to fixing stray cats by trapping them, neutering or spaying them so they don't create more feral cats, then releasing them where they were found. Because Chippy was found as a stray, this little mark on his ear helped potential parents realize that he may be feral, but he has already been neutered.

     During the time that I adopted Chippy, I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and trust issues. I too, became embittered by distrustful humans. When we first brought Chippy home, he refused to come out from under the couch for days. I would squish myself next to the bottom of the couch, rubbing his head until he began trembling and moving a way, a sign of overstimulation. It's been seven long years of emotional rehabilitation, but today, Chippy is a friendly and loving cat. Although he is still shy with people, he loves to cuddle. Chippy loves to play with furry toy mice, feathers, and string. He is also incredibly intelligent, and knows several commands, including: do you want to come up? (do you want to snuggle on the couch?), go down, open the door, come here, come on (follow me), paw, beg, speak, and sit. His favorite treats are Temptations in the chicken flavor, and he is picky with his food like a fine epicurean, who only demands the finest.

     Although Chippy and I were once tortured souls, we have learned to trust and love again. You can read more about my love for Chippy in my poetry collection here!

Chippy the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day Chippy the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day

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