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Rooster, Huey the Shorthair Cats
Name: Rooster, Huey
Age: Eight years old, Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Oakland, California, USA
   These are my cats, Rooster and Huey. Roosty is the black and white cat, Huey is all black, the mini panther - he's named after Huey Newton, one of the founding members of the Black Panthers. Rooster and Huey are a year apart in age yet they're bonded like littermates. I considered submitting them separately, but these dudes are so close it seemed unfair. So sharing Cat of the Day are Roo and Hue. . .

     Rooster is older, more talkative, and more cuddly. He is always underfoot when we are cooking or eating - as a kitten he lived with some punk kids and only ate human food. His favorite treat is nori (seaweed) but he loves all food, almost as much as he loves human attention. Rooster is a cat-dog: he's at the door meowing when I come home (he recognizes the way I clang the front gate and the way my feet stomp up the stairs). He wakes me up by perching on my chest or nuzzling my chin, and he drools when he's in bliss. The drooling most people could do without, but I find it endearing. Rooster is a very attentive and needy cat, and I love him for that.

     Rooster mostly chooses to stay indoors now but Huey insists on going in and out all day long. Huey was born to a feral mama cat and was brought to an animal shelter here in Oakland as a kitten. He likes to return to his hoodcat roots by dining with the feral cats in the evening when a neighbor feeds the strays. I make Huey wear a collar to signify his status (nominal, in his mind) as a pet in case of accidental trapping. The collar has a couple of bells but that has not hampered his ability to kill and bring home dead or dying meals. I often wonder if he means to share them with Rooster but I always spoil the feast by disposing of the creature before Roo (or our ornithologist roommate) discovers the kill. The proudest I have ever been as a cat mama was when Huey brought home a pigeon.

     Here is the most adorable thing about these two boys: they snuggle and groom each other. When Huey needs love, he goes and finds Roo and butts his head into Rooster's chest, right below his neck; Rooster immediately starts licking, cleaning him. If Huey wants a Roo Bath but his brother isn't around he will just flop down sideways, loudly, onto the floor - THUMP - and wait for Rooster to appear and come groom him. This ritual never fails to elicit coos and smiles from my heart. They cheer me up, and I love them dearly!

     Here you can see them in action.

Rooster, Huey the Shorthair Cats Rooster, Huey the Shorthair Cats Rooster, Huey the Shorthair Cats Rooster, Huey the Shorthair Cats

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