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Shadow the American Shorthair Mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Shadow
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Shorthair Mix
Home: Price, Utah, USA
   Shadow is a very loving cat. My parents got him from the neighbors when he was just a kitten and weighed less than a pound. He has grown into cat weight 25 pounds of muscle. The vet says despite the weight he is very healthy and can live for many more happy years. I adopted him from my parents when he was five years old. I needed a companion now that I was living alone for the first time in my life after serving in the US Navy. The minute he was at his new home he claimed the couch as his by stretching out very long and wide to take up as much space as possible.

     Shadow loves to sit and watch out the windows as well as follow Mommy around. Before Mommy met Daddy he would sleep curled up next to her while she watched "The Nanny" (his favorite show) at night. He even helped her through a very bad depression when times were tough. His bright eyes change from yellow to green depending on his mood. Sometimes they are even half yellow and half green. He has been with his Mommy through a lot. He was around when Mommy met Daddy and when Daddy moved in. He instantly liked Daddy even though Daddy took his spot on the bed and couch. He's been through some rough spots himself with two brothers dying three months after Mommy brought them home due to health problems. However, he now has a new sister who he gets a long with and is his age. He loves to cuddle at night no matter how hot it gets. He also saves Mommy from spiders, bugs, and moths when Daddy isn't around to do it (which is rare). Mommy would be lost without his love and steady companionship.

Shadow the American Shorthair Mix, the Cat of the Day Shadow the American Shorthair Mix, the Cat of the Day

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