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Tallulah the Russian Blue, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tallulah
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Blue
Home: Michigan, USA
   This is Tallulah, my Russian Blue kitty. Tallulah is actually a boy but when I rescued him I thought he was a girl and by the time I found out he was a boy (about a year after I got him) he already knew his name so I kept it. Tallulah loves Autumn. I think it's his favorite time of year. He loves chasing the leaves as they fall and trying to climb trees to chase squirrels. As much as Tallulah loves being outdoors he hates getting wet on rainy days so he has his own raincoat to keep him dry.

     Along with loving the outdoors Tallulah also loves his technology. On days to cold or windy for him to go outside he curls up on the couch and watches one of his favorite cat movies of birds and squirrels on his own tablet or plays his favorite "Catch the Fish" game. Before I found out Tallulah was a boy I would sometimes call him "Aunt Tallulah" because just a few months after I got him my other kitty gave birth to two kittens. After they were born Tallulah would come to the end of the hall where the kittens stayed in a basket to check on them. When they got a little older and started playing more, Tallulah played with them. He groomed them and slept near them and let them climb on him, bite him and pounce on him and he never even growled! So that's how Aunt Tallulah became his nickname. Tallulah also loves to be held. When he wants me to hold him he will sit at my feet and meow in a high, squeaky voice until I pick him up. He is a sweet, special boy and I love him.

Tallulah the Russian Blue, the Cat of the Day Tallulah the Russian Blue, the Cat of the Day

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