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Chakku the Indian Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Chakku
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Indian Domestic Cat
Home: Pune, India
   Chakku is our cat, snow white in color with brown eyes. He is really very handsome and chubby. He is a very loving and adorable cat. He is fond of human beings and makes everyone love him by his loving nature.

     He is a very favorite in our house as well as in our neighborhood. He has clean habits and keeps himself very clean all the time, licking himself and brushing himself with his paws. He loves eating all sweet dishes including porridges and sweets. He loves sleeping comfortable on the bed resting his head on a pillow, which is indeed his favourite resting place. He loves chasing pigeons and sparrows and of course pigeon is his favorite dish. Once in a while if he has had pigeon for his lunch he sleeps for the whole day without a single movement of his body. But this happens very rarely.

     He usually is very social and does not like to be all alone in a room. We wants us around him and he if he does not see us he continuous purring till he sees us. He loves sitting with us when we are watching television. He lies over the books lying on my daughter's study table, not allowing her to study as he wants her to play with him. He loves playing with belts of the dresses chasing it all along the house. He plays with small toy cars and ping pong balls. If we don't find him anywhere and we give him a call by his name he immediately purrs from the place where is sitting.

     He is indeed a very intelligent cat. When he feels like loving us he comes and licks our face and hands, showing his love and affection towards us. He likes being rubbed below his neck and back. We can make out from his pur what he actually wants to say; whether he wants food or whether he wants to go out of the house.

     He has become an important member of our family and we all really love him very much.

Chakku the Indian Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day Chakku the Indian Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day Chakku the Indian Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day

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