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Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sykoe
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lynx Point Siamese
Home: Wasilla, Alaska, USA
   My cat is a Lynx Point Siamese male named Sykoe (pronounced Psycho). He'll be two years old on either the 9th, 13th or 15th of March or April. I can't exactly remember the date. I personally think Sykoe is the strangest cat I've ever had - and I've had many many cats in my life.

     His story starts with me begging, like I had been for over two years, for a pure black kitten. Finally my mum relented when she heard a friend of hers had a couple black kittens who needed good homes. I was excited but I had gotten sick the day we were to pick one out and instead of bringing home a black kitten like I'd asked, my mother brought home Sykoe. At first I was furious, I'd been begging for years for a black kitten and mummy dearest brings home the exact opposite! At the time Sykoe didn't have any stripes or markings, so he was nearly pure white. I silently fumed for a while, determined to ignore the kitten but Sykoe kept coming up to me and I eventually gave in to him.

     Although it's considered too young to be away from mama cat, we brought Sykoe home at five weeks. When my mum first picked Sykoe out she sent me a text with his picture and said "this is ours" but she misspelled "Ours" as "Ares" so I thought she had named him after the God of War and after that misunderstanding we decided to just keep the name Ares but when he officially came home he was the just cutest little devil ever. How he got his name though was not even three days after he came home when my mum was holding him, he climbed up onto her shoulder and just leapt right off. This tiny five-week-old kitten nearly leapt to his death and I swear he was smiling when I snatched him up off the floor to make sure he was okay! My mum's nearly six feet tall so it was quite the jump! My sister, My Mum and I all screamed at the same time! and when we saw he was alright my sister and I exclaimed "You crazy little PSYCHO!!!!!" at the same time and that's how he got his name. I wanted it to be unique though, so I messed with the spelling.

     Sykoe had five or six siblings. His mother's name is Cow and his sister is Goat. Sykoe is the runt of the litter. His sister is about three times his size. Goat (his sister) is a normal looking Siamese with a white patch covering half her nose and upper lip. Sykoe is the only one in his litter that looks like he does. the others are a variety of black, white and grey (sans Goat).

     Sykoe is a balance of independent and really lovable ... He does his own thing most of the time but he needs his daily love from us girls in the family (my mum, my sister and myself) he has a habit of going into my brother's room at night if the door is open and waking him up. He gets alone great with our two dogs (Dachshund twins, a boy and a girl). He likes climbing on the fridge when we're in the kitchen. I personally think he does it just to be a menace! He'll bat at our heads while he's up there. He has a tower of boxes in the corner of my room that is covered in a red silky piece of fabric that he eats upon. Behind those boxes is the light switch and whenever someone goes to leave the room he jumps up there to stop them from turning off the light. That way he thinks they can't leave the room (his logic) he claws at our hands whenever we try to turn off the light. He has some dagger like claws - they're huge!!!!

     Sykoe loves plastic! Plastic lids, plastic bottles, plastic wrappers. He tries to steal them and drag them off, which is pretty funny when he's as small as he is and trying to drag an empty bottle away by the spout! He also likes stealing hair ties which drives everyone in my house crazy! He also likes sneaking outside when we open the door to leave ... my dogs are a bad influence there!

     Although his skin is a pale pink everywhere else, his paw, lips and nose are black, and his nose is actually the cutest thing I've ever seen! it would been all black if not for the pink square right smack dab in the middle of his nose.

     Sykoe likes to give kisses, not licking but he likes to press his nose firmly against our lips, nose and cheeks. He likes having his nose touched in general, actually. He'll come up to you and nibble on your fingers until you poke his nose. I think it's because when he was younger I didn't like flicking him in the nose when he got into things. I was afraid of hurting him, so I'd poke his nose and push him away from the stuff he was getting imto. Eventually it became a sort of greeting when ever he comes up to one of us or when we sit down near him, he'll come up expecting us to bop his nose.

     Oh, and for some reason Sykoe isn't afraid of loud noises besides the vacuum. Normal cats - at least the ones I've had before - react when you hiss at them or make a sudden loud noise, but Sykoe doesn't care at all. We actually thought he was deaf when he was little because of this, but it turns out he's just a boss act of a cat. He also likes stealing our dogs' bones and chew toys - he doesn't actually do anything with them, he just likes taking them away from the dogs, especially our girl dog because she lets him get away with it. Our boy doesn't let it fly, which is kinda weird but we think it's hilarious. We all love our Sykoe kitty.

Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day Sykoe the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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