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Mona the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mona
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: New York, USA
   My cat Mona is definitely a special cat. I have done some research and we think Mona is a Maine Coon, or maybe a mix. I am not sure because we rescued her when she was four years old. Mona made herself comfy in no time at all, and fits right in. Her sister Katie is a toy poodle and the two run in the meadow in my backyard for hours together. Mona was rescued from the cruel neighbors' house who refused to feed her the wet food she wanted, because they didn't like the smell. Once she came to us and got the right nutrition, she got fluffier. (The second photo is her kitten picture from when she lived with them.)

     Something I quickly learned about Mona was that she loves to sleep. I catch Mona sleeping in the most strange places. She sleeps in bowls, trees, in Katie's dog bed, on top of Katie, in my flower pot, on that railingetc. Something unique about Mona is that she enjoys being petted on her back legs. it makes her purr every time. My name is Cassandra and I am a proud owner of the best cat in the whole world. I would not change one thing about Mona. I am blessed to have rescued her because Mona has made me the cat women I never thought I would be!

Mona the Maine Coon mix, the Cat of the Day

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