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Rajah the Bengal, the Cat of the Day
Name: Rajah
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal
Home: Martinsville, Indiana, USA
   Rajah is a three-year-old Bengal cat that is full of personality. He will turn four in April. He is playful, loving, and crazy! He likes to run around the house, up and down the halls, and play fight with his brother. He also loves to watch my birds, go outside, and play in water. Sometimes Rajah falls. It happens a lot. He makes us laugh by falling off tables, chairs, and much more. Rajah is loving but independent. When he is tired he loves to be petted, and loves snuggles. Other than that he takes care of himself, and his older brother (who is very lazy). He runs our house as the king! Lol.

     He likes to groom himself, and I have never given him a bath, though I'm sure he would like one because he always gets in the shower with me, even with the water on and running. (I get no privacy, lol!) Rajah goes crazy over food/treats. If we even get them out, he will cry his long, very loud and vocal meows! The whole house can hear him!

     He also loves to play with a peacock feather I have. He runs around the house and jumps one to three feet up in the air to catch it! It is so hilarious and cute to watch him!

Rajah the Bengal, the Cat of the Day Rajah the Bengal, the Cat of the Day

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