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Pixie the Bicolor Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pixie
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bicolor Shorthair
Home: Nelson County, Virginia, USA
   Pixie is my sweet baby girl. Although the she is twelve, she still can act like a kitten! Sometimes she will run across the room chasing something random, like a hair clip or a piece of string or a piece of fuzz. She was my first cat that I officially owned. My family had taken care of other cats in the past but I never had one of my own until I got Pixie.

     A family friend owned Pixie before I did, but she wasn't home enough to to be able to properly care for her. So my family ended up taking her in. She was seven years old when we first got her. At first she was really scared of being away from her previous home, but she adjusted over time and I have gotten to love her more than I can say!

     I do have other cats, and she is not the type of cat that is aggressive towards other cats, but she prefers to stay away from them. She does love human company. Although she is not a lap cat, she will find a comfortable place next to you and then purr until she falls asleep.

     When her birthday comes around on July 19, I will always throw a little party for her and give her a can of wet food to eat. (She just loves her wet food!)

     Every time I come up to her or wake her up from a nap, she will greet me by making a little purr noise that also has a little bit of a meow in it. It is adorable. I call her the little burr baby because of this noise!

     Pixie is not a wanderer like my other cat Blaze. She prefers to stay pretty close to my house. So when I carry her on walks that are farther away from the house, she is so curious about everything. Her head will be darting in all directions, looking at her new surroundings!

     When she is especially happy, she will roll onto her belly and stay that way! Pixie is a unique cat because her favorite spot to be is by the bathtub. Especially when the bath is running or full of water. She doesn't mind when someone splashes little droplets of water on her fur, either. She will just keep sitting beside the bathtub. Totally content.

     She is my beautiful sweet Pixie, I love her and her funny personality with all my heart!

Pixie the Bicolor Shorthair, the Cat of the Day Pixie the Bicolor Shorthair, the Cat of the Day Pixie the Bicolor Shorthair, the Cat of the Day Pixie the Bicolor Shorthair, the Cat of the Day

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