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Felicia the Dilute Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day
Name: Felicia
Age: Two months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dilute Tortoiseshell Cat
Home: Sweden
   My kitten Felicia is just a few weeks old. She is special because she always falls asleep sitting up and she is lovley to snuggle with. :D And when I'm asleep she always climbs up and lies down on my head, and sometimes even my face, so sweet!

     She is very lively and playful, but when she is tired so she usually like to sleep in the laundry basket or in my bed. I taught her how to get ham in the fridge, if I open the fridge she jumps up (sometimes with help) and take hold of the ham package. it is the only trick she usually does. She likes it when I have crumpled a piece paper and tied it on a string so she can chase it, but she also like the laser pointer I have and a small ball with bells inside. She does not like being alone for very long, but mostly want to play and receive attention towards her in any way, yes she also like when she get inside imy shirt where it usually is warm, and snuggles there and falls asleep.

Felicia the Dilute Tortoiseshell, the Cat of the Day

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