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Tsega the Bengal, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tsega
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bengal
Home: London, England, UK
   I would like to introduce Tsega (pronounced Sega, like the Megadrive) who is a silver spotted Bengal. I had a very sad time in my life January 2009, and needing something to love I had my heart set on getting a pet to fill the void. I knew I always wanted a Bengal cat, but they were so expensive I thought I would have to wait until June to get one for my birthday.

     Having a quiet day at work I scanned the Bengal kitten website. I found one website informing me that no one had been interested in the little runt of the litter, so the breeder was willing to let him go for a cheap price. I left a message immediately and was overjoyed when she rang me back informing me I was the first person to contact her. She told me she was willing to sell him for £100 opposed to the regular £250-£700. My heart jumped when I realised I could afford him.

     She had named him Sinbad, but I knew he deserved a more special name. I'd come across an unusual name called Tsega, and upon Googling the name I discovered it meant 'Gift from God'. This little kitten certainly was a gift from God, so the other names on my list became redundant and Sinbad became Tsega. Tsega's full name is Super Sonic Tsega (don't you love the alliteration!) because I'd noticed that all show Bengals had really long names. I didn't want him to feel left out.

     Tsega is a wonderful pet, and having something to care about has certainly made me less selfish. He's a big soppy boy, who loves his cuddles and often sucks and pads a soft blanket while I stroke him. He only purrs when he has his 'sucky' time. I think he may be short or long sighted as he certainly isn't the most graceful cat, wobbling on fences and missing jumps! When he climbs onto my parent's shed roof, he often forgets how he got up there and will cry until you come and lift him down! You can always hear Tsega coming as he thumps along opposed to being the silent hunter.

     Being a Bengal he has a natural curiosity for water. Tsega has fallen both in the bath and toilet, much to my delight. In the summer he plays in garden sprinklers and comes back soaked. However, he's a homely boy and not that bothered about going outside. Tsega's happy to stay wherever I go; in fact he always follows me from room to room.

     He's a big boy, weighing in at almost a stone (13lbs/5.9kgs) and yet he has the most high pitched kitten meow. When he cries people often start looking for the baby kitten not realising it's coming from this big baby!

     Tsega is truly a gift from God. My life was very bleak before this wonderful little kitten came into my life and I've never looked back since. Tsega likes playing in water and comes back absolutely drenched in the summer when everyone has their sprinklers on.

     He and his brother Orion are truly spoilt and are house cats during the week, but they get taken to my parent's house at the weekend where they can play out all day. Before my boys came into my life, I was heading for the gutter. Now I have a reason to live, a reason to want to go home after work and a reason to get up in the morning.

     So this is my wonderful Tsega.

Tsega the Bengal, the Cat of the Day Tsega the Bengal, the Cat of the Day Tsega the Bengal, the Cat of the Day

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