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Maya the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day
Name: Maya
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Himalayan
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
   Maya is a "cat dog." She loves walking on her leash, visiting neighbors, even taking showers and is always by my side when I'm home. She's fluffy and extremely lovable! Maya is my second Himalayan. For my 50th birthday I went to Riviera Maya, Mexico and I received her as a gift at seven weeks old in March. (Hence the name Maya). She is a people person kitty and runs up to everyone who visits and licks everybody as if she were a dog. She doesn't hide from strangers and loves being held.

     Maya's favorite toy is the three-tiered round plastic toy that houses three balls that she can hit around that stays on a track. Lately she has been 'fetching' some of her plush kitty toys and even brings them to me on occasion. I make sure to give her a treat when she brings it back to me. I don't think she is quite trained yet haha). Other favorites include a laser pointer dot that she chases everywhere-of course , a fishing Kitty Tease toy and any type of foam squeeze ball that she could chase around non-stop or so it seems.

     Maya is extremely active. I have had four cats to date and by far she has the most spectacular personality. Everybody who meets her loves her! We are very fortunate to have Maya in our lives. She makes us so happy every day. By the way she purrs she must feel the same way about us!

Maya the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day Maya the Himalayan, the Cat of the Day

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