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Mitzy the Domestic Medium Hair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mitzy
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Medium Hair
Home: Australia
   We rescued Mitzy from the local RSPCA six years ago. We were looking to get a cat at that time and we were on the RSPCA website when we saw her photo. There were a few adorable kitties but Mitzy really stood out.

     That afternoon we went to see Mitzy and make sure we really wanted that cat. Once we arrived there were so many cats calling out and it was hard to not take them all home. After looking through all the cats though, Mitzy still stood out to me. So we made the decision to adopt her.

     She was very affectionate and loving when I went to pat her the first time. When she arrived at our house she was very curious, she is probably the most curious cat I have ever met. She adapted to our family quite fast but the first few days after her arrival was stressful. She didn't eat at all for three days and barely drank any water. She acted like a normal cat but didn't eat or drink. I was worried she was sick but after coughing up a hair ball on the fourth day she finally ate.

     She very playful at times (mostly nights) and loves a pat and a scratch. You can pick her up and cuddle her but she will whine and struggle if its too long. The smallest sound she will look and investigate, she's so adorable and curious but we love her like that. Before going to sleep every night, she has to run up and down the hallway a few times just for fun and in the morning she will meow for food until you get up, even at dawn.

     We love her to bits and never want to leave her or for her to leave us. We just adore her.

Mitzy the Domestic Medium Hair, the Cat of the Day

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