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Julio the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Julio
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lynx Point Siamese
Home: Bucyrus, Ohio, USA
   Julio is not a rescue but a second-hand cat. One summer I lost my precious black and white tuxedo Pepe to a sudden illness. I wanted to adopt a new cat to help heal my heart, but money for getting one fixed was an issue. Then one day I came into work and saw an ad on the buy/sale board. A coworker was in the process of looking for a rental house and was having trouble finding a place that would let her keep pets. The cat (then called Kilala) was already fixed, up-to-date on his shots and free to a good home! All I can figure is that Pepe must have pulled some strings in heaven to bring Julio to me.

     After a rough week of hiding and scurrying in his new home Julio finally got comfortable and took his place as king of the castle. Since then he's enjoyed a life of belly rubs, one-way fetch (he'll chase the ball but won't bring it back), bathtub arena tail chasing, and bird/squirrel watching. It seems that the only thing that gets him down actually makes him get up high- he gets on top of the refrigerator to escape the monster called the vacuum. Julio is full of love and makes me laugh every day. I often have to work long hours and Julio makes my hard day disappear by greeting me at the door and then immediately flopping onto his back so he can get his chin and belly rubbed. He might just be a cat, but Julio really makes my days brighter and happier.

Julio the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day Julio the Lynx Point Siamese, the Cat of the Day

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