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Loki the Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Loki
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Birmingham, England, UK
   These are pictures of my cat Loki, named after the Norse god of mischief. She has a beautiful coat, with tabby markings on her face, golden ticking like an Abyssianian on some of her fur, spots and stripes. But what stands out most is her bold, fearless to the point of that it seems dangerous sometimes personality. The youngest of our four cats, she lives up to her namesake terrorizing all, from our oldest cat down, our dog and has even been known to chase the visiting foxes.

     Still, she also has her calmer moments, though even those are not very quiet, as she has a rumbling purr when she decides is it time to allow some petting. She is curious too, always getting into whatever you are doing - or trying to do anyway. She may be a bit daft, but she is our girl, and keeps life interesting for everyone, even if her "siblings" don't always appreciate it!

Loki the Tabby, the Cat of the Day Loki the Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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