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Tom the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Tom
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: Spokane Valley, Washington, USA
   I found Tom in a barn with his mom. The man selling him said that we could have him. That was the day Tom came into my life.

      Tom lives for wet cat food, cuddles, and dog biscuits. He loves to sit in your lap and purr. He likes his little toy, BooBoo.

      Recently he had been acting very strange. He didn't want to eat, be pet, and even come close to anyone. Later that day he came out and I got a good check on him. He had a large bump on his side. I began to panic. My cat, the cat I have loved for a long time, may have cancer.

      We sent him to the vet for them to check him out. I had a mixture of both relief and worry. Tom had a infected cat bite and it had began to fill with pus.Tom had to have surgery and be sprayed with hydrogen peroxide. He is doing great now and is happy as can be.

Tom the Domestic Cat the Cat of the Day Tom the Domestic Cat the Cat of the Day Tom the Domestic Cat the Cat of the Day

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