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Asia the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Asia
Age: Deceased, twenty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Cat
Home: Laytonsville, Maryland, USA
   This is Asia, my 20-year-old cat who died in 2010. There is so much I could say about her. She was smart, loving, playful, resourceful and Dignified with a capital D. I could go on and on.

      We got her at age three from our sister-in-law in 1994. She was an independent soul from the start with a mind of her own. She always liked the outdoors and had been trapped in a town house with other cats that she did not get along with. As small as she was she became the dominant cat and did not like sharing a home with other cats in the house. After a few cat fights, it was clear that she had to go. We were asked to take her and despite having a bad attitude about changing owners and houses, she quickly became adapted to our house. She learned how to use the "cat door" and loved to go outdoors even in the winter. She had a cute trick of climbing the tree in our front yard and sitting on the lowest branch looking at the people and cars go by. Her paw would hang down and when I came home from work and obtained the mail, she could open any envelope with one swipe of her claws.

      She was also a great mouser. There were many days I would come home and have a "present" under my chair in the dining room. As she got older, she became a great lap cat and warm winter companion. Even when she became ill last year she still had a curiosity about everything that went on in the house and would "help" me with lawn mowing and other chores. I will always remember her as a great cat and great friend and I feel honored to have had her in my life. May she rest in peace.

Asia the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day

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