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Nuggets the Domestic Longhair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Nuggets
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Inverness, Scotland, UK
   This is our kitten Nuggets. He's now almost nine months old. We live in Inverness area UK. As you can see when we first got him he was smaller than one of my birthday cards. He like to sit on two feet and does rolley poleys with his toys. He is also very lazy at times. He will sleep anywhere one time we found him sleeping in the washing basket. He is a trouble maker as well, one night he was under the t.v unit and blew the digi box. He doesn't like Whiskas but he loves Felix cat treats. I love my little fluffball although he scratches a lot. He loves little places where he can be warm. He is special because he is lazy some days whilst others he is out for ages. Nuggets is very playful. I love him because he is fluffy and cute.

      He lets anyone stroke him, but sometimes you have to be careful because he will bite. If Nuggets wants to sleep he will sleep anywhere. I think Nuggets is an amazing addition to my family and hope you enjoyed reading about him.

Nuggets the Domestic Longhair, the Cat of the Day Nuggets the Domestic Longhair, the Cat of the Day

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