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Kismet the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Kismet
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Harker Heights, Texas, USA
   My name is Kismet and here I am lounging in my high window box... I am named for the fortuitous fate that brought me into my wonderful and loving family of two brothers and two sisters.

     It all began on a freezing January day five years ago with sleet falling on icy ground - my to-be Dad was headed for a faculty meeting at the local college where he teaches and decided, at the very last minute, to pick up some donuts at the local store. Here is where fate stepped in: it had been somewhat agreed that since almost everyone in his department at school was on some sort of diet, no donuts would/should come to meetings ... but, on such a miserable, cold, icy day, that rule seemed downright draconian. So, fresh, warm donuts it was - and when Dad was rushing back to the car with boxes of the forbidden, he discovered wee little ice-coated kitten - me - huddled, panic-stricken, in the middle of the road.

     I had either fallen out of a car or ridden in the engine of a car and somehow fallen into the parking lot next to Dad's car (surely no one dumped me!) - but, thankfully, he saw me and scooped me up, wrapped me in the car blanket, and snuggled me into the car. I attended my first and only faculty meeting and home I came. When no one answered Lost/Found ads in the papers, I was permanently adopted and named for the loving and providential fate that dropped me next to the "right" car. I am now a pampered and adored prince of the house as you can see. I am just thankful beyond words both for those diet-breaking donuts and the fact I was not named "Donut" as many folks suggested.

     As reigning Prince, I just could not be more pleased with my fate!

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