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Frida the Balinese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Frida
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Balinese
Home: Dallas, Texas, USAs
   Frida Kahlo Sutcliffe is a three-year-old Balinese acrobat who leapt into our hearts at the shelter and has not slowed down since she got home, two years ago. Balinese are long-haired Siamese noted for a lack of shedding despite their silky soft coats and spectacular full plume tails, both of which she possesses. She has bloomed from the thin little cat we brought home from the shelter into a graceful and muscular gymnast, who considerately keeps her forbidden activities semi-private. (She is notorious for night-time hobbies including stealing pencils off the desk, dropping cotton puffs down the wooden staircase, and ricocheting whiffle balls under the kitchen table at high speed.)

     Everything in the house has become, technically, a cat toy, although she humors us by not vaulting into the middle of the dining table while we are actually dining on it, despite an effortless ability to do so. She is considerate about bringing lizards and bugs inside (rarely) and generous with sharing both her leather couch in the living room and her day bed in the office. She relishes a plate of fresh rotisserie chicken and has been known to pounce on unsuspecting bare feet invading her hallways (but always with her claws neatly sheathed.)

     Frida was named for the sensitive and beautiful Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and she lives up to her playful, charming and gorgeous namesake. Viva la Frida! Her Flickr page is here with even more pictures.

Frida the Balinese, the Cat of the Day Frida the Balinese, the Cat of the Day Frida the Balinese, the Cat of the Day

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