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Spider the Tabbyssinian, the Cat of the Day
Name: Spider
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabbyssinian
Home: Venice, California, USA
   Spider immediately claimed this spider-web doormat as his personal domain last year. Spider spends countless hours zealously (and frequently jealously) defending and protecting "his" doormat from any invasion by our other cat, Raj, or any other who might trespass.

     If Spider were a White House cat he would surely be Chief-of-Staff. He is highly protective, making certain that only a select few neighborhood cats dare enter our garden or demand our attention. He welcomes our friends, but only for a special few will he will curl up alongside them.

     Spider is a gourmet who expresses himself so vocally that he frequently leaves us little choice but to open refrigerator door rather than cat food bag. He loves climbing ladders, and welcomes discovering a board between; scaffolding which he views as a pathway built exclusively for him. Even though he can be an unabashed chair-thief who jumps into my seat the very moment I step away from my computer, he is willing to share by nestling between us to watch the evening news.

     Spider loves ritual, from the time he arises to claim his morning brushing until he makes it clear that he expects to be carried into our bedroom every night. He insists on sleeping on a pillow between our heads; never mind if our older cat is there, he will nudge her aside to sandwich one of us. After all, he knows that he is the "alpha cat" ,,, and so does our ragdoll, Raj, as do we.

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