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Milky Way the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Milky Way
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
   This is my girl Milky Way. She is a tuxedo cat, and is always into something! She adores her scratching post, and likes to get into any box she can find - including the plastic of a case of water that had a few bottle out of it!

     She does do one trick where you put a treat on top of her scratching post Shake the treat box above the post, and she scratches to the top and gets the treat. it's really cool. With my dad, to her he's a mobile cat tree/scratching post, she likes to climb up his leg and then to his shoulder! She is affectionate to the extreme, her attitude is like, "Pet me 24/7 or i will not sleep or play with you." Our favorite game to play is, I drag a string around and she hunts and attacks it. i call it string chase. Her personality is a crazy crazy crazy cat, but she is scared of new people, so they never see the crazy - or even the cat! But we love her.

Milky Way the Tuxedo Cat, the Cat of the Day

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