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Angel the Domestic Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Cat
Home: San Francisco, California, USA
   Hello. My name is Angel. I am told I am a cat, but I think I am a human. I love to be petted under my chin and I love to eat. I am very opinionated, and I will let you know when I want something by meowing until I get attention. I have a sister, Lilly, who is a guinea pig. I also have a brother, Ben, who is a human. Ben just learned to walk so he has fun chasing me. I try to ignore him but my parents don't seem to want to get rid of him.

     My favorite activity is to watch the birds outside the window. They visit me during the day and eat the food my parent's leave in the bird feeder. I sleep on my back, mostly in the sun. I am all white. I used to have a gray spot on my head when I was a kitten. It looked like a halo, so my parents named me Angel. And even though the spot disappearred, we know I am still an angel in their eyes, right?

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