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Bug the Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bug
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Fredericksburg area, Virginia, USA
   Meet Bug. Bug was our first pet together. When we went to pick out a our first kitten together, we went to a Vet's office that had rescued a litter of kittens. When we got there the rest of the litter ignored us but Bug picked us walked right up and started to play with daddy and me, so we picked him, It was love at first sight!

     Buggie as we have since lovingly nicknamed him, now lives in a home with his family of three other cats, three parrots and one dog. One of many things that makes Bug stand out from all of our other animals is his compassion and love for his 'Daddy'. When Daddy comes home Buggie is right there at the door ready to be petted and loved on. Every night Bug sleeps at the foot of out bed protecting our feet keeping them warm in the winter months. As a kitten he would play with our friends' ponytails, batting their hair to and fro from the back of our couch! He will also play fetch. Yes, our cat will play fetch, just like a dog, except he uses ponytail holders and his knit froggie; he's even smart enough to get them wet in the water bowl first so they will launch farther. Daddy taught him to wrestle without using his claws, still to this day they wrestle and it's like he's a kitten again! We have always loved his racing stripes and his ability to love everyone who enters our home and how much they adore him.

     Bug was very ill in 2010. We thought we were going to lose him to what we originally thought was a cold turned out to be something else. It was a huge scare but with with the help and loving thoughts from family and friends, a week later we could finally bring our best friend home from the animal hospital. He purred for four plus hours straight when we brought him home. We've never loved him and his racing stripes more. Who ever said a dog is a man's best friend never met our cat, Bug and or his Daddy. They complete each other. You want to know what makes Bug special it's Love. His ability to love and sense need for love and to show that compassion.

Bug the Tabby, the Cat of the Day Bug the Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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