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Roxy the Shorthair Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Roxy
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Tabby
Home: Opelika, Alabama, USA
   Hi, my name is Roxy, I live in Opelika Alabama with my owner Pete and his Mother Mary (my Grandma).

     I was found at the local cat adoption center and when my Pete came in I was with my two other siblings in a cage but when he came over I knew he was the right one for ME!!! I reached out and grabbed his finger and started licking and purring very loudly, He took one look and took me home that very day. I was about 6 months old and made ¬†myself at home at once. I love to be combed and petted and I MUST sleep next to Pete in my own little cat bed next to his head. I am an indoor / outdoor cat and here in Alabama I have lots of things to chase and catch (bugs, snakes, mice, and chipmonks) I have caught a few and have to bring them right to the front door for my folks to see my prize. I am a shorthair tabby and to my owners surprise I dont shed and even though I have a cat box I insist on going outside and have to wake Pete up at 6:00 in the morning to let me out. I love sleeping in my window shelf during the days that it rains and I cant go out, but I will go out and get wet if I see something runnung around. I have my best friend, A black and white cat which I think is a stray but I let her eat some of my food in my outdoor food dish. I could not have found more loving and caring owners who treat me like a PRINCESS. I will purr whenever I am picked up or petted by anybody that come to see me. I love it here and will always play with any empty box or string and I just love the laser pointer when they make me run all over trying to catch that little light. I hope that every cat is as happy as I am.

     I found this cat at the local pet rescue hospital. There were three other cats there but this one reached out and grabbed my finger so I just had to have her. She was about eight weeks old when I got her and she has made may life a whole lot fuller. She is a great hunter and will bring home anything she catches (mostly they are still alive) but she still wants to cuddle up with her grandma and will eat just about anything (she loves her cat¬†treats and will pick them up with her pawss. We just love to death. She sleeps in her window hammock (about 10 to 15 hours a day) in the winter but loves to be outside and will follow me anywhere I go, even to just take out the trash. She is one of a kind cat !!!

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