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Gracie the Maine Coon/Calico mix , the Cat of the Day
Name: Gracie
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon/Calico mix
Home: Daly City, California, USA
   Gracie is a Maine Coon and calico mix who showed up in our yard as a feral kitten, along with her sister, Bertha. We've never been sure whether she adopted us or vice versa, not that it matters now! She's sweet-tempered and a real friendly "people cat" who doesn't waste a minute before rubbing against anyone who visits the house.

     She must have left her mother - or been abandoned by her - at a very young age, since her favorite pastime is burying her head in your hand, while "kneading and nursing" -- as though still a kitten.

     She loves looking out the window, exploring the backyard and enjoying dinner time. Lounging in the grass is tops on her list. She's a great cat, who loves making friends with everyone.

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