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Woody the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Woody
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby mix
Home: Brossard, Quebec, Canada
   My cat's name is Woody. He's my baby boy. I know everyone says that about their cat but he's the cutest cat in the whole wide world! My sister found him in the lane in the back of her house. He was very thin and looked sick. She couldn't keep him, so she brought him to us. We don't know his age, but we've had him for a year now. Since his arrival, he's been the baby of the family. He's a very personable fellow and he's very playful. However, he's also very lazy: he likes to laze around the house, even in the dryer!

     Woody is a vocal boy when he feels the need. When it's time to eat, we can hear his meow for miles around, and everytime we open the fridge door he comes running. Our dog, Felipe, is his best friend. They sleep together, play together and Woody follows us when we go on walks. He seems to fall in love with everybody as quickly as everyone falls in love wiht him, he's our household's little ray of sunlight!

Woody the Tabby mix, the Cat of the Day

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