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Lord Byron the Orange Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lord Byron
Age: Twenty-one years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Portland, Maine, USA
   Lord Byron is a 21-year-old Short-haired Domestic Cat. He lives in Portland, Maine. This is his story:

     Seventeen years ago last December, I was walking home from my job at a retail store through the snowy streets of Portland, Maine, around 10 p.m. on the winter solstice, December 21. When I reached Longfellow Square, a small island with a statue and some park benches, surrounded by heavily trafficked streets, I found a large orange cat sitting in the snow. He was very friendly, but wouldn't let me pick him up and carry him. He tried to follow me, so I navigated him across the street and about six blocks to my apartment in the West End. He was shy about coming inside, but finally did. I put up posters around Longfellow Square and the area, with my phone number and his description, but no one ever called. He was the best Christmas present I ever received.

     The vet estimated he was about three years old, and he was already neutered. At first he was an outdoor cat (who never followed anyone else to their house!) who brought great joy to an old man who lived nearby who had also owned a large orange cat. When I moved to a busier street he became an indoor cat. We have had 17 joyful years together. He turned 21 in December (I celebrate the solstice as his birthday). He has lived with a tiger cat named Merwin, a Border Collie named Kaya and currently lives with a seventeen-year-old tiger cat named Rickey. Rickey has been his buddy for fourteen years. Lord Byron has been with me through thick and thin, a wonderful companion.

Lord Byron the Orange Tabby, the Cat of the Day Lord Byron the Orange Tabby, the Cat of the Day

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