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Felicity the Ragdoll mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Felicity
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll mix
Home: Kansas, USA
   This is my beautiful cat Felicity, who I am nominating to be Cat of the Day! We live in the United States of America. I adopted her from someone who got her from the shelter with her sister, but ended up not liking her as much as her sister....for some crazy reason. I Love Her!! The information from the shelter said her breed is a Ragdoll, and she was around 3 years old, but there was no definite age. These were only things they could tell from the patterns and sizes of the sisters, but they didn't know anything for sure. They were able to tell us that she was a indoor/outdoor cat with her past owners. However being in the city, and in a location that doesn't allow 'Free Roaming' pets, she had to get used to staying indoors. That doesn't stopped her from trying to get out into the fresh air when we aren't looking. Usually she will settle for her comfy bed in an open window.

     Felicity is a wonderful and affectionate cat! I have no idea what crazy person would get rid of her! She cuddles me every night, and if she feels she needs attention she will place her paw gently on your leg or lick you slightly. She comes when called, and will only meow if she is scared, playing, or hungry. The only real downside is, she may be short hair, but its thick fur, and she sheds.

     She hasn't seen her own sister since I adopted her, but I hear she is doing well. However, now she has a new "sister", my other cat named Azura. She is the black cat in one of the photos I sent. The other is my roommates cat Milo. They love to cuddle and lay together all the time! They even groom and play with each other! Although she would prefer to be brushed due to the excessive shedding!

      She plays with the other cats a lot, but since she is so kind usually she ends up getting beat up and running off, but she always comes back! She loves to play tag with the others, as well as play with strings and small fuzzy toys. I also make homemade toys out of random objects and toys for her to play with.

     Felicity also likes it when I sing to her. I know because she will come to me every time I do. She even has her own song I made up for her! The melody is improvised and improved over time, and sometimes I add extra lyrics after the ones that are established. Her song goes something like this:
     "Felic-ci-city, my pretty pretty kitty,
     I love to see you in the pale moonlight.
     Felic-ci-city, my pretty pretty kitty,
     I can't wait to see you tonight.
     Felic-ci-city, my pretty pretty kitty,
     I love to see your eyes, so blue.
     Felic-ci-citty, my pretty pretty kitty,
     I just don't know what I'd do, without you!"

     In all, her personality is just as beautiful as she is. Playful and loving, and I can tell she loves me, her sister, and where we live. I wouldn't trade her for the World! I look forward to many fantastic years with her!!

     Also any future pictures I post of Felicity will be found on my DeviantART!



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