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Diamond the Lynx-point Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Diamond
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lynx-point Siamese mix
Home: Columbus, Georgia, USA
   I adopted Diamond from an animal shelter in Kansas City, Kansas. He had been found in a dumpster at about four weeks of age, left to starve and die. I took him in when he was about seven to nine weeks old and have never had a cat like him. He is one of the smartest cats I have ever known. He can open doors, whether they slide, swivel or have a knob, he even learned to open my medicine cabinet just by watching me. He has to stick his nose in every bag when I have gone shopping to see if I brought him anything. And how dare I ever let the bottom of his bowl be showing? He will follow me around the house meowing in that Siamese meow until I go with him and shake down his food to cover the bottom. I call him my brat cat.

     At the same time, though, he is the most loving cat I have ever had or seen in my life. If you are upset or sick, he wont leave your side until you feel better, and no matter what kind of animal I have brought in the house, he has been so good with them, from dogs, other cats, birds, even rats and hamsters, he has never tried to hurt anything. He even becomes sort of a "mother hen" for animals that I have brought home, especially kittens. He pins them to the ground and bathes them from head to tail at least 2-3 times a day. And when I need a hug, he's right there to give it to me, literally. So that is what is so special about Diamond, there is a lot more, but those are just the highlights.

Diamond the Lynx-point Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day Diamond the Lynx-point Siamese mix, the Cat of the Day

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