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Bandit and Daisy the Tuxedo Shorthairs, the Cats of the Day
Name: Bandit , Daisy
Age: Four years old, Eight years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Russian Blue
Home: North Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA
   Their names are Bandit (left side of both pictures) and Daisy (on the right side). Although they are not brother and sister, they do get along like siblings, they groom each other, they play flight and then they make up almost immediately by chasing each other around the house and then fly through the air into their "outdoor catio" that Dad made them. That allows them to experience all the senses of the great outdoors complete with chipmunk and bird stalking without putting them in danger.

     Bandit had a previous adopted brother named Teddy but we lost him to cancer at a very young age so off we went to the shelters to find him a playmate and voila we found Daisy. Although Bandit was here first, Daisy has made herself known as the alpha cat and we often call her Daisy Diva! They are both very special to us as we love all animals and we would only "adopt not shop" for a pet. There is hope for all shelter pets to find fur-ever homes, let's do our part to support our local shelters.

Bandit and Daisy the Tuxedo Shorthairs, the Cats of the Day

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