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Pharoah the Korat mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Pharaoh
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Korat mix
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   He is an unbelievably amazing cat. He is more human than cat. He talks constantly, and uses cat words to express what he needs to. His nickname is Chu Chu, because he constantly chews on things. He chases my boyfriend around the house. He gets sad when we are not home and is equally excited when both of us are home.

     My cat's name is Pharaoh. He got his name because of the way he sits, he reminded me of the Sphinx in Egypt, also he is very regal. Not only because of his looks, but also the way he carries himself. He doesn't walk, he glides across the floor, sort of like a strut. He doesn't really do any tricks per se, but everything he does is so humanlike it's eery. For example, when he sleeps in the bed with us, he actually sleeps lengthwise and uses a pillow & blanket. He has a thousand meows that he uses to express everything from excitement to annoyance. He can open closet doors with his nails. He is one of the gentles cats I have ever seen when it comes to animals smaller than him. We had a firebelly toad that had gotten out of it's tank, and cat batted him around for a while out of curiosity, but didn't try to kill it. In fact, I have never seen him attack anything, with an intent to kill except flies. He has a weakness for houseflies. Anytime one comes buzzing into the house, he will not stop chasing it, until he has him safely tucked in his mouth. There are so many amazing things about this cat, and I'm sure that everyone that writes in to your website say's the same thing, but, my boyfriend has and his mom have had many, many cats over their lifetime and they both say, that he is definitely a one of a kind cat. I could go on and on for days about the kooky things he does, and if you ask some of my friends I'm sure they would corroborate that statement.

     Pharaoh is fourteen years old, and he's 90% Korat from Thailand. At first we thought he may be a Russian Blue, but after reading more about how shy and quiet they were, we quickly decided Pharoah was not one of them. So, we looked into the other grey cat, and realized he was a spot on match. He only has one layer of fur as opposed to two, which is why he gets very cold in the winter and squeezes into my side as close as possible in the winterime. He is very loud and outspoken(is he ever), and he has the classic green eyes. As far as his personality, he's been an indoor cat for most of his life, and as he get's older, he becomes more and more of a baby. He's not exactly a lapcat, but once in a while he'll come and squeeze next to me when I'm on the couch.

     He hates loud noises like car alarms and construction work. He's apprehensive of some people that come into our house, although he seems perfectly at home with others (God Knows what makes him react the way he does?). With people he is comfortable being around, you can expect a full show of his magnificence, complete with belly rolls, blinky eyes, and just about everything a cat can do let you know he is gorgeous and he knows it. Everyone who's seen it is amazed and can't believe he's putting on a show. About us, our small little family resides in the beautiful corner of the earth called Southern California, more specifically, San Diego. Pharoah rules supreme.

Pharoah the Korat mix, the Cat of the Day Pharoah the Korat mix, the Cat of the Day Pharoah the Korat mix, the Cat of the Day

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