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Isis the Tuxedo Longhair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Isis
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Longhair
Home: Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
   Isis and I have been together since she was six weeks old. She was the cutest kitten ever and also the most destructive. She broke everthing within reach and got into all kinds of trouble. She used to love getting behind drawers. She got trapped and smashed a few times until she figured it out. She now lives with two younger kitty siblings, Ally and Memphis. One of her most endearing habits is hunting for mice. She will find a toy somewhere in the house and march into the living room with it proudly "gaowing" to announce her kill. She is a very loving kitty too and always comforts me when I'm down. She likes playing with milk rings and watching birdies out the window. She also cons me into taking her outside once in a while but I never leave her alone out there.

     She has recently been diagnosed with liver disease so she hasn't quite been herself lately. I have had to force feed her and administer fluids through a needle under her skin. It is very distressing for both of us but it is the only thing to do right now. I am hopeful that she will respond and become her playful old self again. I don't know how long we have together but I'll treasure every moment.

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