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Shilgi the Domestic Streetcat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Shilgi
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Streetcat
Home: Holon, Israel
   This is Shilgi, we rescued her from the street. During the day she is sleeping all the time. But at night she becomes a tiger. She goes crazy, she chases after bugs and sometimes after our legs. She catches the legs and releases them and runs away.

     When we give her the favorite food (Salami) we hold it up and she┬áraises herself up on her back legs and eats the salami. It's funny!

     Her favorite game to play is when she plays with a ribbon. We throw the ribbon to the sofa and she runs to catch the ribbon. So we throw again the ribbon to the other sofa and she runs to the other sofa and catches the ribbon again and sometimes chews the ribbon. We are carefil and make sure she never actually tries to eat it though, as we know that can be dangerous,

     When she wants to eat her favorite food (Salami) she knows to ask - she stands beside the refrigerator and wails. But she knows to line up alone. We love our Shilgi!

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