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Gorbichoff the Shorthair Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Gorbichoff
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Pleasant Hill, California, USA
   My name is "Gorbichoff Templeton Sherman Smith," and I am a very special baby. That's my whole name but I have many nicknames, you can call me "Gorby,""Pooh Bear," "Polar Bear" or "Kerokachockie."

     I am a beautiful white with pretty pink ears, pink nose and a black splotch between my pink ears. I also have a special black dot right on my left ear in the pink area. Everytime I sneak out for a field trip someone calls my mommy because her # is on my tag and they tell her how beautiful I am. I am beautiful.

     Why am I a special baby? I am special because my mommy and daddy love me. They sometimes call me "Gorby" and they think I am the funniest thing they have ever seen. I am a bit spoiled; so my mommy tells me - although my daddy disagrees. They love the way I sit up on my back legs and beg when I want to go outside on a field trip or when I want a snack. I do this when my mommy tells me to "run like a horsey" or when I just want something - mommy always gives it to me when I beg. I always make sure to beg like this when mommy and daddy have gone grocery shopping because I know I always get a treat. One of my favorite things is when my mommy takes me on walks around the neighborhood, no leash required, I just walk a bit slow but I don't leave her because if I do, she freaks out.

     The thing my mommy loves most about me (she sometimes calls me her "Polar Bear") is how I sleep on her and snore. She doesn't really like the way I wake her up every morning wanting to go out because I am potty trained for the most part so I have to pee when I wake up. My daddy loves the way I sometimes want to sleep alone in my own bed so I climbs into my little bed which is right next mommy and daddy's and we all go to sleep together - I know my mommy loves me more than anything in the world, she worries when I am outside but I know I make her happy and I make her smil every day!! Oh and I forgot to tell you that I love to take a shower with mommy, well I like to sit on the toilet and wait for her to get out and then I "peep" at her and kiss her when she kisses my pink ears. My mommy kisses my ears every day.

     I am attaching two picture of me- one is when I'm begging in the kitchen - I do this sometimes when daddy cooks and I want a bite!

     The other one I am next to my Christmas tree, sitting in my box after I opened my presents. I love paper!

Gorbichoff the Shorthair Cat, the Cat of the Day

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