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Spotsy and Egg Nog the Domestic Shorthairs, the Cat of the Day
Name: Spotsy, Egg Nog
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Germantown, Maryland, USA
   My wife and I found these two strays and saw right away that they were very close friends (probably brother and sister). We didn't think we could handle them so we took them to the shelter. That night we realized that we couldn't bear to see them separated (or worse) so we applied to adopt them.

     Spotsy is the friendly and affectionate one who has patience with us when we pick him up and cuddle with him. However, he is very protective of us and does not like strangers. He is known to hiss and growl at any stranger that tries to touch him although he has never been that way with us. He has followed "cat sitters" around the house while hissing all the way. He is also the most curious of the two. Currently he is fascinated with water running from the faucet. He's tries to bite it as it flows but then sneezes as the water runs up his nose.

     Egg Nog chooses the appropriate time of day when she wants to be petted. At any other time she "whines" when you touch her (which is most of the time). Unlike Spotsy she is not "vocal" toward strangers. She just gallops away. She is also the "paper eater" and will chomp down on about any paper product you put in front of her. We often see fang marks in the utility bills as we're making them out each month. She even ate one of our wedding pictures after they both knocked it out of the frame one afternoon.

     Egg Nog loves to play "hide and pounce" with a plastic ball that contains a little bell. When we jingle the ball she runs and hides behind anything she can find (even things smaller than her) so that when we throw the ball she dives into the air to catch it before it flies by. Spotsy is not as interested but he does get involved when he's in the mood. His favorite game is "eat the food." As we said, they are very good friends although they do enjoy a good wrestling match at least once a day. They bring enjoyment and pleasure into our house and we're happy we could bring them home and keep them together.

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