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Raymond the Tonkinese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Raymond
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tonkinese
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Our cat Raymond has a very poor mother. Raymond was one of ten kittens and his mother was exhausted after having birth to ten children. We decided to get him as his brother was quite lonely at home by himself and would always be at the door whoever someone got back from work. Raymond was a very small kitten weighing less than a kilogram. Raymond was very attached to his brother and he and his brother would always chase each other and play with a laser. We chose Raymond of all of him and his siblings as he was extremely energetic and affectionate around others and a cat with his personality was perfect for our home. At home we have another Burmese cat named Toki who is an extremely friendly cuddly bear and is always down for a hug. Toki didn't enjoy having a new brother at first. It took them six days to finally decide they could live together as brothers. Raymond is an extremely playful cat and loves to talk and eat. He loves the outdoor world and sometimes drops mice at our front door! He is a very intelligent cat and knows how to sit on command. His favourite game is the laser. He loves chasing around the laser even when he isn't a kitten. Him and his brother chase each other around the house and love sleeping with each other.

     Raymond loves being outside but having an outdoor cat can have them injured. Unfortunately one day Raymond came back from the outdoors with his tail down and he wasn't acting normal. Whenever he was pat he'd always meow and look upset. His tail wouldn't move at all and it looked swollen so we took him to the vet. He hates the car drives. He'd always meow and make very loud noises and we'd always have to try and make sure he felt comfortable. Apparently he was bitten and had abscesses on his tail. It was becoming infected as well so he needed surgery. He was at the vet the whole day and when we came back, he had a cone on his head and a bandage around his tail! The surgery went perfectly and he had to have pain medication and tablets for the infection. When he came back from the vet, he slept most of the time and lay down on our laps.

     His cone had to be worn for ten days and then he could finally return back to normal. He is recovering very well and is almost back to being the cat he used to be. That is the story of our little kitty Raymond.

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