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Norton the Tabby Cat, the Cat of the Day
Name: Norton
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair Tabby
Home: London, England, UK
   I would like to introduce Norton. He is Tabby and white with a little ginger mixed in. He is three years old and was born on a farm in the UK.

     Norton was brought to London together with two of his cat family, Francis and Ariel by our next-door neighbour to sort out his mouse problem. Little did he know then, that Norton was not interested in mice and would never lift a paw to catch them! A few months after our 19-year-old black and white cat passed away, Francis started coming in our cat flap, soon followed by Ariel and lastly Norton.They visited us more and more and in time decided that they wanted to be feed, stroked and loved by us too! We decided on "shared care" with our neighbour with both of us feeding them and looking after them. They come and go to both houses as they please! Their given names, by the way, are the names of motorbikes!

     Norton, the biggest cat, has beautiful markings and very soft fur. He's always hungry and will eat the other's food if he's not supervised! If he sees a bag on the floor he will check it out in case there is food in it. We have to hide defrosting food in the microwave, since he will just take it if it'd left on a counter top. Unlike the other two, he is too laid back to hunt for mice, frogs or squirrels in the garden! He will not even chase after a spot of light, even if it is placed onto of his paws. Nor is he interested in wildlife on television. He just prefers to sleep in his stretched out poses.

     However, Norton is not always laid back. He will sometimes wrestle and fight, mainly with Ariel. Either can start it, but they also groom and cuddle up to each other too. Norton hates to be picked up and growls in protest. Neither will he sit on a lap. However, he sometimes cuddles up to me in bed. He is quite a mixture. He won't come to me for strokes and cuddles, but he loves it if I stroke and cuddle him. He has a deep purr. He loves being stroked on his head and tum and is very gentle. He's very calming and lovely to have around. The "shared care" seems to suit both humans and cat.

Norton the Tabby Cat, the Cat of the Day Norton the Tabby Cat, the Cat of the Day Norton the Tabby Cat, the Cat of the Day

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