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Leo the Cream Tabby, the Cat of the Day
Name: Leo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cream Tabby
Home: Lubbock, Texas, USA
   We met Leo through his foster mom, who had saved him from a shelter just days before he would have been put to sleep. We weren't quite sure we were ready for a third cat, but her well-timed emails with heart-melting photos of the then four-month-old kitten convinced us to take the leap.

     Leo was a great addition, bringing even more fun to a house that already had two "teenage" kittens. All our cats are playful, but Leo has a couple of times per day where he is positively bursting at the seams with playful energy. If you even look at him he will take off charging across the house in anticipation that you will play with him. His favorite game is "ricochet." He stands in the corner of a narrow hallway, facing the corner, and I ricochet lightweight balls off the hallway walls. He takes crazy backwards and sideways leaps, trying to bat the balls with his paws. Then he enjoys having you throw them across the living room for him to chase.

     Leo does have a serious side and considers himself the "Sheriff of these here parts." If Eko is playing too rough with Emily, Leo hears her protests from across the house and heads right over to tell Eko to knock it off. All this usually requires is his presence and body language. He is also the smell police. I'm often alerted to the presence of something yucky on the floor by Leo's frantic pawing at the floor, trying to bury it.

     Leo's most striking physical feature is his build. He is a big-boned cat ... 14 pounds but not fat, just long and tall. I love to watch him stroll through our living room. He has sort of a wild elegance about him.

     He loves human contact of any kind and is our only cat who enjoys being brushed. That's a good thing since he is also the biggest shed monster. He's such a big purr machine that we often hear him approaching before we see him. He's the boldest in our cat family when it comes to exploring new things. When we lit a fire last winter, the other cats knew it was safe to approach when Leo didn't burst into flames. (The fire was behind glass fireplace doors.)

     We're so glad his foster mom was persistent with her "marketing" of Leo. We would have hated to miss out on all he adds to our family.

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