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Archie the Domestic Shorthair, the Cat of the Day
Name: Archie
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
   This is my sweet boy Archie, Sir Archibald Cat, shown when he was about one year old. He was a feral kitten that I rescued from my colony of the 10 feral cats I look after. I wasn't going to take in another cat because my precious Reggie, Sir Reginald Cat, had died about two months before, after having him for only six years, as a stray who had lived for about five years alone in the yard of my new house. I went to pieces completely after he passed away and said "NO MORE, my heart is broken."

      One night when I was feeding the colony, two kittens showed up that had not been there before; maybe born there recently or dropped off. Anyway this kitten was almost identical to Reggie, and since he must have been born about the time Reggie died, I was in shock and a bit crazy that maybe he was reincarnated! Or at least related, cause Reggie had been unneutered for at least five years and we lived only three miles away!

      I couldn't catch him that night but two weeks later, he was very sick with infections and flu so I had to get him to the vet anyway. I trapped him, got him healthy and fixed and brought him home, still convinced I would just foster him because I was still so hurt about Reggie. But after about 5 months my heart healed and I was able to realize I needed him in my life. I am sure that Reggie sent him to me because he knew how lonely and upset I was. Now he has brought me such happiness and love! His eyes are a bit crossed and one has a slight birth defect but he's beautiful to me and a little rascal! His color is black tabby top over white bottom, this is an unusual re-occuring color gene. You won't see a lot of this coloration in cats, but they all seem to have a black spot on the nose and a smudge under the chin.

      He is an inside-outside cat and loves his big yard, especially the pine straw under the bushes where it is cool and shady, where he watches the birds and squirrels. He has a nice bed, well he spends most of his time eating and sleeping, and now can't fit in it too well! He was tame within two2 days after biting me badly, but now just so sweet. He is very shy with other people and will always be that way since he was a feral. I am so lucky he found me when I needed him so! I can't imagine my life without him.

      My group is You might enjoy our website.

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