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Gimli the Norwegian Forest Cat mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Gimli
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Norwegian Forest Cat mix
Home: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
   Gimli showed up in our neighborhood. He was so lovely with his long, plush fur that we thought sure he must belong to someone. But he stayed the whole winter with us, sleeping in the garage, so in the spring I took him around to the neighbors and he didn't belong to any of them. So we took him in. He soon developed urinary tract infection and had to have expensive surgery. He was worth it!

      Gimli does not sit on laps and rarely purrs but he loves his rubs and we love him so much. It is such a pleasure to rub his soft fur. He is so expressive that he tells us if he wants the rubs on his back, head, chin, or ears.

      He's so beautiful. His grey and sparkling white fur is so pretty.His long fur doesn't need brushed. When he was living outside, he rubbed up against the rose bush and knotted his fur terribly. We had to get him a Lion haircut. Now he stays in the house except when he escapes outside to eat some grass. He is named for a Lord of the Rings character as is his sister cat, Arowyn.

      Gimli just ignores our chihuahua. If the dog is silly enough to charge Gimli and bark, Gimli just holds his ground without paying any attention to the dog. Gimli loves to sit nearby when I am watching TV, taking a bath, or sleeping. It's a pleasure to have him near and to listen to him talk or howl over some toy he has "caught" and brought to me.

Gimli the Norwegian Forest Cat mix, the Cat of the Day Gimli the Norwegian Forest Cat mix, the Cat of the Day

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